Case study: Shooting an independent short film

Or: Do what you love and you will not have to work a single day

All of us in Medusa are crazy about movies, truly. Movies inspired us to start a creative agency in a way. So, one day after shooting our Xth commercial video, we sat down, and someone had an idea: Why don't we make our own short movie? There was bliss in everyone's eyes immediately.

At the time, we knew what it meant to shoot a commercial video but not what it meant to shoot a real movie. We needed to prepare, cast actors, gather more crew, and rent additional equipment. And all of that needed to be done alongside our other projects.

What was the location? We decided it would be in the forest. The crew? No more than 20 carefully chosen professionals who would wear multiple hats. Story was about a guy searching for the clean source of water in the near future, on enemy's territory. We agreed on a date and started with all the preparations needed to finish such a complex production. The screenplay was already done, and rehearsals started happening big time. The only thing we didn't have was a place to stay at the location.

At one moment, our DP said, "Do you want to camp during the shooting?" Wow! Of course, we said yes because most of us hadn't seen a tent in our lives. We agreed and added one more thing to our preparations: getting tents for the people.

And then, finally, the day of the production came.

We arrived at the destination, and it was more beautiful than when we went on a location scouting. The forest had accepted us. We placed our tents on one of the meadows and started with the costume rehearsals, so after just a few hours, we were ready for the first shot.

The best way to start the shooting is from the easiest possible scene (depends on the shooting plan) so the crew can warm up and gain some momentum for the rest of the day. We did exactly that, so again, in a few hours, we had our first scene wrapped. We were feeling great! Just 20 more to go, and we would be done. Tirelessly, we continued to shoot until the evening, and that repeated the process the whole next day, then one day more. Time flew by in an activity that all of us loved to do, in our own way.

And that was it

We just did it. Tens of hours of recorded material were ready for post-production, and we had the time of our lives. Even to this day, it looks impossible that all of that was done in such a short period, and without noticing, we have done it.

Today, that movie won several awards worldwide, and is still one of the most interesting projects we've ever done. So, there is no moral to this article. Just a short story we wanted to share with you, to inspire you to do what you love as much as possible. Because we are.