Web design / development

is something we know how to do, and we do it really good! Scroll to see our process, works, or just to enjoy the awesomeness of this page.

Our process

1. Listening to YOU

...and converting your thoughts into action points. After that we gather in a circle and assign roles to member teams.

2. Brainstorming it to the MAX

Because we want to filter the cosmic pool of ideas and choose the most ideal ones for your project. Than we present the best ones to you.

3. Design and develop, build and correct

some serious UX/UI and coding is happening at this point. We become a little factory giving life to your ideas.

4. Testing, 1, 2, 3

We must check if everything is working fine before we present it to the world! If it does, than we do it, open a champaigne and chill.

Why Medusa?

We have XP

We have over 100 years of experience combined in different fields under our belt, which gives us enough confidence to finish every project we intent to.

We want to grow

We are not some big famous company, but we want to become one. So we have strong interest to become recommended by our clients whenever we can.

We are perfectionists

Some say that OCDs are human's enemy but we managed to tame it, and use it in our advantage. That's why our every project is pixel- perfect.

Graphic design
Javascript / jquery

Some of our projects

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"Medusa crew was real refreshment, they've done everything on schedule and with pure profesionalism."

Đorđe Čabrilo
Elektronik Partner

"I have just wonderful words and reccomendations for guys and girls at Medusa."

Jovana Đorđević
Novi Dorćol

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